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Eric M. Witchey wears a number of hats. His compulsion, and he means that word clinically when he uses it, drives him to understand how his written words cause results in the mind and heart of the reader. To that end, he has worked freelance for over 25 years as a full-time communication consultant, a student of written communication, a writer of tales, a ghost writer, a business writer, an analyst, a technical writer, a course developer, a corporate trainer, a college instructor, a seminar instructor, and a private tutor.

While this web site calendar is primarily for fans of his fiction, it also occassionally includes events that support his other activities. Mr. Witchey does not really make a strong distinction between one type of writing and another. Rather, he focuses on audience perception and appropriate use of technique. When teaching fiction writers, he is fond of saying, "I have only one rule. Affect the reader's emotions. Everything else is a technique."




Jan. 22nd. Emotion-Driven Fiction

Free Seminar Sponsored by WordCrafters in Eugene at Springfield Library

Evening seminar.

Award-winning writing Eric M. Witchey will present and discuss some of the core techniques writers use during creation of emotion-driven fiction.

For full details, refer to the WordCrafters in Eugene Website.


Six Month Fiction Fluency Seminar Series

Sponsored by WordCrafters in Eugene

Begins Feb. 17th and 18th. Meets one weekend a month.

Award-winning writing Eric M. Witchey will lead six seminars for WordCrafters in Eugene. Taken in sequence, they build on one another; however, any one will stand alone. Each focuses on an aspect of craft critical to the development of story--short or long.

For full details, refer to the WordCrafters in Eugene Website.


April 14th: Parallel Play Mini Conference

Salem, Oregon.


June 30th: Mystery Writers of America, NW

Emotion-Driven Fiction

This NW Mystery Writers of America sponsored class will explore use of text and plot development tools that allow the writer to make use of character emotion to influence reader emotion. Mr. Witchey's popular ED ACE development and revision tool will be explored. Additional executable techniques in vertical and horizontal story development will be discussed and demonstrated. Participants will walk away with immediately useful tools that will support story refinement no matter what the length or genre. For addtional details, contact NW Mystery Writers of America at Long and Short of It, or contact Eric Witchey directly.


Aug. 3-5: Willamette Writers Conference

Master's Class: Achieving Fiction Fluency. Other scheduled activities have not been determined at this time.

For full details, refer to the Willamette Writers Conference web page:


Sept. 15th. For San Francisco Writers Conference

Mastering the Emotion-Driven Story. Mechanics Library in SanFrancisco.

On behalf of the SanFrancisco Writers Conference, Eric Witchey will be teaching this all day seminar. Emotion-Driven Story is a high-energy seminar class that presents hands-on techniques for touching every reader's heart. Every character in a story is driven by emotins that drive their actions, but not every writer manages the development of story to maximize the impact of that fact. Attendeees will learn to use the powerful story and narrative develoment tool, ED ACE. Writers of all levels will walk away with a set of executable techniques that will influenece the creation or revision of every story they write--long or short for more information, contact the San Francisco Writers Conference at


Oct. 26th-28th

Ghost Story Weekend for WordCrafters

Eric Witchey will be the writer in residence at this annual weekend retreat at The McKenzie River Mountain Resort in Blue River, Oregon. He will be available for one-on-one consults and general advice on all aspects of writing, including the development of the story (or stories) created during the retreat. He will also attempt to write a story from scratch during the retreat just like everybody else. The retreat is all about writers cutting loose the fetters on their creativity and trying to scare the bejeezus out of one another with a story produced in twenty-four hours. Except for one, the meals are coordinated, cooperative potluck. Participants arrive and check in Friday afternoon, gather for a group dinner at Takoda’s Restaurant, then meet for a brief review of rules, regulations, and etiquette. Then, the writing begins! Participants attempt, and usually succeed, in writing one story before the evening reading after dinner on Saturday night. Any type of story is fine, though ghost stories are certainly given highest honors. Sunday morning after breakfast, everyone gathers to do a light critique of each story in an attempt to identify “best next steps” for taking that story to publishable level.


Feb 7th, 2019

Mid-Valley Willamette Writers in Eugene

Time, Location, and Subject TBD. For additonal details, contact Mr. Witchey directly.


March 7th and 8th, 2019

Lake Chapala Writers Conference

Lake Chapala Mexico. Details TBD. For additonal information, contact Mr. Witchey directly.

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